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  • Ladybridge Bulldogs FC Under 7s 2009-10

        I have just finished my first season playing for Ladybridge Bulldogs and have really enjoyed it. I scored lots of goals and enjoyed making good friends with my team mates. My dad has taken lots of photos and you can see them below.

  • Ladybridge Bulldogs v Oxford Grove Tigers Under 7s

    This match was played on 27th March 2010 Part 1 – Look out for Bradley’s wonder volley at 4:24! Part 2 Part 3 – I complete my hattrick in this video 🙂 Part 4 To follow More to follow…

  • Ladybridge Bulldogs FC

    A few weeks ago I joined a new football club called Ladybridge Bulldogs. On Friday we do training and on Saturdays we play matches. The first match we won 6-3. I scored one goal and my friend Thomas scored one as well. My other friend Kai scored four goals. The next match we won 8-6 but […]

  • I Love Football

    I love playing football and I love playing Fifa 08/09 on my DS. I have been to see lots of matches with my dad as well. We have been to see Bolton, Everton and Peterborough play. In 2009 The Posh (Peterborough Utd) finished 2nd in their league and will be promoted to the Championship. We went […]

  • Welcome To My Web Site.

    Hello, my name is Elliot David Longworth and this is my very own blog.  At the time of writing this, I am six years old and my dad helped to set this site up so that I can write about all the things that I like and sometimes about the things I don’t like! Today is Monday […]