I Was The Mascot For Peterborough Utd On My Birthday

Last November, on my 8th birthday, my dad and nan took me to see Posh v Bury in the FA Cup. My nan and aunty Susan had bought me a new Posh away kit in red and I was wearing it to the match.

When we got to Bury’s ground we went to a room and I heard my dad say that we were the mascot’s party. I didn’t know what he meant but a lady gave me a program and on the back was my picture and name. Dad then told me that I was the mascot for Posh at this game – I was very excited!

I met all the team and had a kick about on the pitch with my dad and the other mascot who was also called Elliott. It was a really nice surprise for my birthday and one of the best days of my life!

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