Welcome To My Web Site.

Football At Harper Green 21/03/09

Football At Harper Green 21/03/09

Hello, my name is Elliot David Longworth and this is my very own blog.  At the time of writing this, I am six years old and my dad helped to set this site up so that I can write about all the things that I like and sometimes about the things I don’t like!

Today is Monday and on Monday evenings I go to football practice. Football is one of the things that I like very much and one day I hope to play for England, Everton and The Posh (but not in that order!). I have been to watch Everton, Bolton and Peterborough United (The Posh) and soon I hope to watch England with my daddy and nanny.

 As well as playing football I like playing Fifa 08/09 on my Nintendo DS as well as other games on the DS and Wii. I will tell you about my favorite games on another day.

 Keep reading this blog as I will give you some good tips for DS games and tell you about other top things to do if you are aged 5 to 7.

 See you soon, Elliot

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